5 Best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

While writing the blog posts, often we need to insert codes to explain or to know readers that they need to use a certain code. Syntax highlighter can be the best way to show those codes. In WordPress, you can use many plugins to show the customized codes. Today I’m going to share 5 best syntax highlighter WordPress plugins with you. I will also demonstrate how it looks after using so that you can get an idea before installing.

Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

So let’s start with the best syntax highlighter WordPress plugins.

1. Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Crayon is one of the most widely used syntax highlighter plugins for wordpress and is my favorite too. Crayon Syntax Highlighter has built in PHP and jQuery that supports customizable languages and themes. Once installed, you can easily customize this plugin as per your requirement.

One of the best features that I liked about this syntax highlighter plugin is the available templates. This has many inbuilt templates and you can choose to display the one you like in your wordpress posts.

It can highlight a URL, a local file, codes and text posts etc. very easily. After highlighting this will show in blog posts like below.

2. Syntax Highlighter MT

Syntax highlighter plugin is another amazing syntax highlighter plugin in wordpress which works great. You have many options to show the highlighted sections. You can even change the themes to look different.

You can insert the section that you want to highlight like below-

<pre class=”brush: java; auto-links: false”>

String link = “http://www.megatome.com”;


3. WP Syntax

If you are looking for a good and clean syntax highlighter WordPress plugin, WP Syntax is for you! This plugin highlights the syntax using GeSHi which supports wide ranges of popular languages. It also supports syntax highlighting with or without the line number. The output screen will look somewhat similar to the below.

Though this plugin has not been updated since a long time but still it works great. After installation of this plugin, to highlight the syntax, write the codes or text inside the below tag.

<pre lang="php"></pre>

And if you want to display the line number also, write in the below tag.

 <pre lang="java" line="1"></pre>

4. Advanced Code Editor

The advanced code editor is just an awesome syntax highlighter plugin which does not only help you to highlight the codes, texts but also effectively edit your themes or plugins when you only have access to a browser, by enabling syntax highlighting in WordPress integrated source code editors. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Advanced code editor plugin also has many themes and depending on your theme color you can choose which suits you. Below is how it will help you to suggest the methods and all.


5. Syntax Highlighter Evolved

This is another best syntax highlighter wordpress plugin. It allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without losing its formatting or making any manual changes. It uses the Syntax Highlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev.


There are many customizable options are available with this plugin and you can do the settings as per your need. Also, it has themes with many colors and you can select as per your need. This is one of the highly updated syntax highlighter plugins.

In a Nutshell

These were 5 best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins those you can easily use in wordpress blog posts. All of these are highly customizable plugins and you can customize as per your need in terms of templates, colors etc.

We will love to know about the syntax highlighter plugin you use? Also, please let us know if we are missing any good syntax highlighter plugin in the comment.

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