20 Best Gmail Tips and Tricks to Increase Productivity

On April 1, 2017, Gmail will complete 13 years of continuous service and support. Gmail is a valuable product by Google which enables you to create email accounts and other lots of features for free. No matter how you use Gmail, almost all have Gmail accounts. Since the time, Google has introduced single sign-in, just create a Google account and you will have access to all the other products of Google including Gmail, YouTube, and Drive etc. Today, I am going to talk about Gmail tips and tricks for productivity.

As of May 2015, more than 900 Million people use Gmail and average unique monthly Gmail app users are 90.7 million. So, you can think of how large this email company is.

There are lots of features in Gmail, but most of the people just use the default features that company provides (I am not considering the Gmail for business, which is paid one).

Today, I am going to share with you, 20 best Gmail tips and tricks for productivity. Using these Gmail tips and tricks for productivity, you can get the work done easier, faster and in an efficient manner. Also, if you know others from what I am going to mention below, please mention in the comment.

20 Best Gmail Tips and Tricks for Productivity

Let’s start with some of the best Gmail tips & tricks which will increase your daily productivity at work. You’ll be able to manage time!

1. Gmail Shortcuts

Gmail is full of shortcuts. Just you have to use those properly like just press “C” to open a new mail compose box. Make sure you have enabled the “Keyboard shortcuts on”. If you have not, just click on Gear sign –> Settings –> Enable Keyboard shortcuts

You should also check the infographic created by visually. They have mentioned all the shortcuts allowed by Gmail.

2. Undo your Gmail Emails

This is the new feature that has been recently incorporated by Gmail. By going to the setting, you will find an option to enable the “Undo” feature. The maximum time you can keep is 30 seconds after you send an email to undo.

3. Mass Unsubscribe

Want to get rid of the promotional emails and have a clean Inbox? Just unsubscribe to the promotional emails. You will find an Unsubscribe link just after the email address in almost all the emails. Click on that and you will get unsubscribed.

Another tip is if you are unable to find the unsubscribe link, just type “unsubscribe” in the search box and probably you will find all the promotional emails. Unroll.me is also a good plugin to get rid of all the promotional emails just with a click.

4. Is someone else reading your emails?

If you think someone else is keeping an eye on your emails and reading those, just scroll to the bottom and see the last login activity. You will come to know when your account was last logged in and from which location. Even you will be getting the IP of that.

5. Multiple Gmail Accounts

There are many reasons due to which you may have multiple email accounts. I too use 3 email accounts for a different purpose. I have 2 Gmail accounts and a domain specific email accounts.

If you too have the same situation, just log in to chrome and add all your account. Now you will find different tabs in your account. This is the best way to keep all your accounts in the same
place. This is not available in other browser and you will have to log in each time.

6. Read Gmail Offline

Gmail offline is also a good feature to use. All you have to do is just download the chrome extension and enable it. Now click on the gear box, select settings, and open offline tab. Now you will have to Gmail offline and sync with the extension. This will take a while. After syncing you would be able to read, respond to, search, and archive emails without an Internet connection. Also, the extension won’t take any space on your hard drive.

7. Show Unread message in Gmail Tab

Are you working on Internet? I am sure you will have many tabs open all the time. Now suppose a new mail comes then how you will respond quickly. Gmail, allow you to show the unread emails in the tab itself. Just you will have to enable it. By default, it is disabled. Go to setting > Labs tab > Enable Unread message icon.

8. Schedule Email to Send Later

Are you ready to write an email now but not to send? Schedule your email. It’s easy. Just download Boomerang Gmail plug-in and schedule your email whenever you want. You can write anytime and schedule it for some specific time like 7 AM or some specific day. If you are in business, you can schedule the emails on the time as per your clients’ time so that you mail will be the first to be read in the morning.

9. Delete your Biggest Emails to Have some space

By default, Gmail provides 15 GB of space. If you are like me who uses emails to exchanges files then there are chances that your mailbox may get out of space. What to do then? If you will start deleting emails one by one it will take hours to have some empty space. I have a trick for you.

Search “size:[x number]m”, where x is the number and will be in MB. O suppose I am trying to find emails greater than 50 MB then I will search “size:[50 number]m” and it will display all the emails having the size greater than 50 MB. You can also take help of Find Big Mail to get the biggest email.

Note 1: Don’t forget to include “” while searching

Note 2: You can check spaces left at the bottom of the email and also through this link.

10. Send & Archive

First of all, archiving is not deleting the mail. If you want emails not to show in Inbox once you have replied, you should use the archiving feature of Gmail. Once you will reply to the email, it will show in archive box which will be accessible from “All Mail Tab” in the left pane or Archive section.

For this just you have to enable the feature by following setting > General tab> Send and Archive.

11. Add Important Emails to task

There are chances that you may miss few emails to respond. Combining all my Inboxes, I receive at least 25 emails a day on which I have to respond. During this, some also get missed and I get follow-ups for it. The best way to avoid missing emails is to add those in the task.

In the upper left, click the Gmail drop-down menu to open your Tasks window. To add an email to Tasks, select it from the inbox or open it, then click the More tab at the top. Select Add to Tasks.

Once you will add task, it will show like below-

12. Add Stars to Identify Messages

Generally, you will find so much crowd in your Inbox that it will feel like a mess. What best you can do is to add some categorization in the emails. Add stars in your email. Like if something is very important to use a red star. If the priority is less use Green. Similarly, if that mail has been completed, you can mark tick mark.

To enable this, go to gear box> Setting> Stars> Now drag which all-stars you want to use in “In Use” section.

13. Default Reply All

If you are using Gmail for some business communication then you must enable this reply all feature. Usually, in a mail, you will find few people from other side and while replying make sure all are in the loop.

To enable default reply all, go to setting> General>Default reply behavior> Select Reply all check box.

By default, it will be Reply.

14. Drag Message or Labels

Gmail doesn’t use folders instead it uses labels for emails. They’re functionally the same. Here’s a trick I only recently discovered: It’s easy to drag a message from the inbox to a label and thus file it away, archived for future searches. But if that message in the inbox requires further attention, you can drag the label from the left sidebar to the message! It stays in the inbox but is ready for future archiving.

15. Preview Pane

By default, whenever you will open any mail in Gmail it will open in a new pane. But with the little tweak, you can open emails just at the right of all emails or at the bottom. For this go to Setting> click Labs tab> Enable preview pane.

Now you can select whether to show horizontal or vertical pane.

16. Use dots in Email Id

This is not a trick but a lesser known fact. Gmail ignore the dots in email ids. If your email id is abcxyz@gmail.com, you can even write abc.xyz@gmail.com or a.b.c.x.y.z@gmail.com

All three are same. Still, you can make use of this tricks while signing up for the newsletter. All site says they don’t sell your email id but some do. So, by putting a different combination of email id, you can identify who has sold you id to the spammer.

17. Add + sign to your email id

Again, a less known trick. You can add + sign to your email id. Gmail ignore anything after + sign. abc@gmail.com will be same as abc+xyz@gmail.com. You can again use this while signing up for the newsletter.

18. @Gmail.com Or @GoogleMail.com: You Have Both

Till 2010 Gmail was known by the name Google Mail (in the UK) and has the URL Google mail. So, when you create any mail, you will have two email ids auto created one will be @gmail.com and other will be @googlemail.com.

19. Have you Tried Mute?

Suppose you are a part of the long conversation that has more than 50-60 people talking and those are not meant to you and you are just in that mail for FYI then to avoid interruption, you can mute that conversation.

20. Send Up to 5TB as an Attachment

By default, you can send up to 20MB as an attachment in Gmail but with the help of Drive, you can send up to 5 TB.

These were some of the best Gmail tips and tricks for productivity. Hope you will like this. These 20 Best Gmail tips and tricks to increase productivity will help you to work faster, smoother and in a good way.

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